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Hearing Diagnostic Equipments

  • HEKTO is an audiometer PC Based with two channels used in the diagnosis of hearing disorders. Innovative, simple, portable, reliable and sturdy with an intuitive software interface.
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  • Tympanometry, ETF Test Intact and Perforated Ear Drum.
  • Ipsi and Contra Acoustic Relex Testing and Relex Decay.
  • Easy Handling and User-Friendly Interface.
  • Includes Patient Management Software.
  • Light, Portable and Heavy Duty Design.
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OAE Test Systems
  • OTO ACOUSTIC Emission
  • OAE Probe , stimulation and otoemissions registration.
  • Quick User Guide, set up and start operation in few steps.
  • OAE Starter Kit with mixed size tips, 5x(8mm, 11mm, 14mm.
  • Carrying Case, to carry base unit and all the accessories.
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