Headquarter Information

HORENTEK® is an Italian company

with a strong international vocation, which produces hearing aids entirely made in Italy.


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Horentek is a modern company experiencing a period of great development and employs a young and skilled staff. The founders have a long professional and managerial experience in this field.

It was founded in December 2010 with the stated intent to challenge the economic and financial crisis by introducing an original and ambitious design, never attempted in Italy before, in the audio-prosthetic industry: producing hearing aids entirely made in Italy to be the proof of the Italian excellence in Europe and in the whole world and to show the value of a professional tradition of the highest level.

The Origin
Horentek started up from the intuition of the founding partner Claudio Paganelli, who has been an audio-prosthetist for over 25 years and is fond of electronics. Claudio, after a personal experience as volunteer in Latin America on a mission dedicated to tackle children’s hearing deficit in Bolivia, has decided to offer his skills and competence to people with hearing impairment. This experience had a profound impact on the choice made by Horentek of producing hearing aids with high quality and technology at competitive prices, in order to make its products available for all sections of users, including the most vulnerable ones.

Horentek is always looking for new opportunities and markets in order to grow and spread its audiological culture in every part of the World.

Via Aurelio Nicolodi 43 INT 5 – 57121 Livorno, Italy.