Terms of use

1. Use

1.1. Any use of this web site by you (“User” or “you”) provided by HORENTEK HEARING DIAGNOSTICS . (“HHD ”), is subject to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use may be updated and amended from time to time at the sole discretion of   HHD. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the HHD  Web Site.

1.2.  HHD is not responsible in the event that any information made available to you on the HHD  Web Site is inaccurate or incomplete. The content of the HHD Web Site is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be relied on or used as the basis for making decisions without additional verification as to the completeness, accuracy and currency of the content of the HHD Web Site.

2. Services

2.1. This HHD Web Site contains specific information and software, as well as related documentation, for viewing or downloading.

2.2. HHD may stop the operation of the HHD Web Site in full or in part at any time. Due to the nature of the internet and computer systems, Sivantos does not accept any liability for the continuous availability of the Sivantos Web Site.

3. Registration, Password

3.1. Some pages of the HHD Web Site may be password protected. In the interests of safety and security, only registered Users may access said pages. HHD reserves the right to deny registration to any User. HHD also reserves the right to designate access to certain pages of the HHD Web Site, which were previously freely accessible, as being subject to registration. HHD is entitled, at any time and without obligation to give reasons, to deny a User the right to access the password-protected area by blocking its User Data (as defined below), for example if HHD reasonably suspects that the User:

  • has used false data for the purpose of registration;
  • has violated these Terms of Use or neglected its duty of care with regard to User Data; or
  • has violated any applicable laws in the access to or use of the HHD Web Site.

3.2. During registration the User shall give accurate information and, where such information changes over time, update such information without undue delay. The User shall ensure that its e-mail address, as supplied to HHD, is current at all times and is an address at which the User can be contacted.

3.3. Upon registration the User will be provided with an access code, comprising a User ID and a password (“User Data”). On first access the User shall promptly change the password received from Sivantos to a password known only to the User. The User Data allows the User to view or change its data or, as applicable, to withdraw its consent to data processing.

3.4. The User shall ensure that User Data is not accessible by third parties and is liable for all transactions and other activities carried out under its User Data. At the end of each online session, the User shall log-off from the password protected HHD Web Sites. If and to the extent the User becomes aware that third parties are misusing its User Data the User shall notify HHD thereof without undue delay in writing (an email will be sufficient for these purposes).

3.5. After receipt of the notice under paragraph 3.4, HHD will deny access to the password-protected area under such User Data. Access by the User will only be possible again upon the User’s application to HHD to reinstate access or upon registration of new User Data.

3.6. The User may at any time request termination of its registration in writing (an email will be sufficient for these purposes), provided that such termination will not prevent the proper performance of contractual relationships. In such event, HHD will remove all User Data and other stored personally identifiable data of the User as soon as these data are no longer needed.