the challenge of the future

The challenge of the future – research and development

HORENTEK®’s strength goes beyond product and service innovation, as it also focuses on systemic innovation, that is to say the ability to create production chains aimed at international markets, integrating product/service innovation with that related to process/organisation, model and business.

Horentek looks at the future with the awareness that investing in innovation is crucial to enable the company to improve its products and services.
Since the beginning, Horentek has involved in the product technological innovation renowned Italian bodies in the field of research and development, such as the Research Centre of Sant’Anna High School of Pisa and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Parma.                                                                
Moreover, the cooperation with the Institute of Neurosciences of Havana represents a concrete commitment in innovation and research.

However, we would like to highlight some of the current working area in which Horentek is investing both financial and human resources. In fact, during the last two years, Horentek has already employed in its staff some young bioengineers, who have been entrusted with major development projects.

Among the various projects we mention two in particular:

• A project that is currently under completion is the prototype of bone vibrator which is going to be an alternative to the BAHA implant in those markets where that implant is not recommended because of hygienic and environmental conditions.

• It is under defining process the application protocol on the treatment of particular forms of hyperacusis and acousticophobia which are often caused by cerebral child paralysis. The therapy involves the use of modified hearing aids that are programmed in a way to “control” and reduce the effects of the disease.